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Preparation (October - March)

The TCPI curriculum is designed to develop the applicants into exceptional teachers and change agents within our Partner Schools. The training modules are designed to provide opportunities for individual growth through rigorous workshops, transparent dialogue and numerous mock teaching exercises in an effort to better prepare our teachers and administrators for our Partner Schools.


Introduction to Partner Schools

It is important for us to expose our teachers to the numerous Partner Schools that are hiring so that they can make an informed decision about what school is right for them. So through this portion of the curriculum, we expose them to all facets of independent schools, charter schools and boarding schools. We begin with defining each type of school, and the benefits and challenges of each, as well as reviewing the salary and benefits package of each school.


We also prepare our teachers for the interview process, including resume and cover letter assistance, as well as mock interviews. Our TCPI Partner Schools also host trainings, where TCPI teachers tour the school and get vital time with faculty and administrators.


Exceptional Teaching

During this phase, our teachers become well versed in critical areas of what we consider to be exceptional teaching, including but not limited to differentiated learning styles, differentiated teaching styles, classroom management, pedagogy, data-driven teaching, flip classrooms, I.B. Curriculum components and student assessment.


We discuss what it means to be an exceptional teacher. We don't define it, because the definition may be different from one school to the next—we discuss it. And then we have our TCPI teachers engage in many hours of practice teaching, so that they not only learn about exceptional teaching from watching others, but also learn how to do it themselves.


Change Agents

Here we prepare our teachers to engage in the difficult conversations about diversity and inclusivity that should be happening at our campuses.


This is done through case studies, role playing, diversity workshops and transparent conversations with current and former students, parents, teachers and administrators of color of our Partner Schools.


Final Preparation

After successfully completing Introduction to Partner Schools, Exceptional Teaching, and Change Agents, TCPI offers other various opportunities to support teachers' goals.


For undergrads going through TCPI, we will support the application to paid summer teaching programs. Or for teachers about to get hired, we offer the opportunity to go through the SAIS New Teacher Institute. Or for those who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree, TCPI can help support that goal as well in a number of ways.


Troy Shine
"TCPI and the incomparable staff helped me realize my potential as a catalyst for empowerment and the unwavering passion needed to be successful in education. I am appreciative of the opportunity I was afforded through TCPI and will forever advocate for the continuance of the program."


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