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Volunteers founded SBAN, and SBAN will continue to thrive with the hands and hearts of new volunteers. Friends and alumni of Summerbridge and Breakthrough programs are welcomed to give their time to any of SBAN’s programs.


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TCPI Overview



Identification (April - September)

During the identification phase, we strategically implement the TCPI teacher recruitment process to identify the most exceptional teacher/administrator applicants and change agents available. This process heavily involves the TCPI Teacher Recruitment Team, who help recruit and select the new TCPI cohort members.


Meet The TCPI Recruitment Team

Diosa Adams Aaron BassKoree HoodAudra Ward Brian Wise



Who are the TCPI Teachers?

TCPI admits those teachers of color who have a sincere desire for inclusivity and greater diversity within the teacher and administrative staff in education, and who see themselves as part of the solution. Candidates demonstrate mastery of content area, good citizenship, community involvement and a desire to serve.


No two TCPI applicants are alike. As such, we look for evidence of:


  • Demonstrated academic, professional and extracurricular achievement
  • Resolve in the face of challenges and conflicts
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Superior organizational ability: planning well, meeting deadlines, and working efficiently
  • Respect for individuals’ diverse experiences
  • Superior interpersonal skills to motivate and lead others from a diversity of experiences


Successful teachers are also accomplished leaders. TCPI applicants have historically demonstrated leadership within a broad range of experiences, such as:


  • Holding leadership roles on campus and delivering significant results for organizations and research projects
  • Excelling as team managers at work, coaches of athletic teams, or directors of community organizations
  • Demonstrating success in a variety of career fields, such as business, law, medicine, and education
  • Achieving measurable results in professional jobs, military experience, or graduate school

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Andrew Kimble
"An aspiring teacher must humble themselves to become a master of content and a change agent. It was through TCPI that I became aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and their staff constantly motivated me to become the best teacher I can be. From panel discussions with top school officials to small group projects, the knowledge I gained from TCPI's training sessions is chiefly responsible for my employment with Breakthrough Atlanta. I am thankful for Keno Sadler and the rest of TCPI's staff. With their help, I've successfully launched my teacher career."


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